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Pop Ups for your Venue or Event

Consumers- Watch out for upcoming events and changing locations! Check the Pop-Up Calendar above

Restaurant Owners - Got a beer/wine or liquor license? Keep the cash flow coming in on down days.  We prep it and schlep it, you supply the space and a bar tender. We cook and serve the food, you sell the booze. Win/Win. Interested? Contact us at

Promotors/Festival Mangers - We're pretty nimble and pretty quick, all we need is access to 30 amp 120v electricity and potable water. Contact us at

Our 1st Pop-Up of 2017 MAY 25 at R+R Tap Room in Woodstock 5-9pm

Slurp Noodles and Sip Craft Beer at the R+R Tap Room 

Check the Pop-Up calendar for other upcoming events and follow us on Facebook

Find us on FaceBook at My Lucky Noodles

Catering Coming Soon

Limited dates available, check out the possibilities by downloading our Catering Menu  

The Most FAQs

Where's The Truck? - It was leased. Sadly, we returned it at the end of the first season. Hoping to find a Brick and Mortar home this year and maybe a New Truck in 2018! 

Do you have Gluten Free Options? - Not yet! We work with wheat in small portable, spaces. We can't guarantee  that trace amounts won't migrate from one dish to another.